Batteries for the Power Tool Industry

The ability to supply short bursts of high power for extended periods of time with rapid recharge capability, makes PowerGenix' patented nickel zinc (NiZn) battery technology an ideal solution for the power tool industry. We are especially suited for applications requiring OEM batteries that are capable of delivering increased power and torque, in a smaller, lighter package without increasing the total solution cost—all components of our high-energy density, high-life cycle and low-cost NiZn OEM battery.

PowergGenix Batteries in OEM Power Tools

As an example, retrofitting an existing 18V NiCd battery pack of a major power tool manufacturer with our patented NiZn cells results in dramatic performance benefits:

  • Increased pack voltage to 24V
  • 25% fewer cells (15 sub-C cells versus 20)
  • Torque at bit increased by more than 10% due to 29% lower pack impedance
  • Pack volume decreased by 33%
  • Pack weight decreased by 35%
  • No change to pack housing or form factor
  • Increased MTBF due to lower cell count, fewer interconnections and lower weight

Leading OEMs in the power tool industry have been seeking solutions that offer clear market differentiators such as those inherent in the PowerGenix OEM battery. The industry is also pressed to find an adequate replacement for the toxic nickel-cadmium (NiCd) battery, which is broadly used today. Legislation in Europe has banned NiCd batteries for most consumer goods and other regions of the world are beginning to follow. Efforts to replace NiCd with nickel-metal hydride (NiMH) have been met with limited success. As a replacement for NiCd, NiMH batteries have limited high rate discharge capabilities, quickly lose capacity at low temperatures, and are not abuse-tolerant.

Conversely, the PowerGenix NiZn OEM battery uses a cutting-edge technology that delivers high power, offers high cycle life, is abuse tolerant, and is environmentally friendly—all of which provide a clear advantage over other rechargeable OEM batteries. Since we are using a well understood and accepted alkaline chemistry that can be easily transferred onto existing manufacturing lines, the change-over risk to both the OEM and tool user are low. Additionally, there are no safety, fire, volatility or handling issues, making the PowerGenix OEM battery an ideal drop-in replacement solution for the growing power tool market.