Case Studies


Ford Focus Road Test

Nickle-Zinc Taking the Heat

PowerGenix Batteries

PowerGenix has retrofitted a 2011 Ford Focus with a 7-cell 40Ah Nickel-Zinc battery, which has accumulated over 3,000-miles so far with no degradation in performance, and continues to ride in cities and along the highways of California, USA. The battery has been put through extensive testing under extreme environmental conditions, ranging from drives in the California deserts with 51°C ambient temperatures to soaking it at -30°C in “drive-in” environmental chambers for cold crank evaluations.


The battery offers considerable weight and volume savings in a tight engine compartment, while offering significant improvement in start/stop cycles and service life, along with consistently greater fuel savings (CO2 abatement) and superior 12V PowerNet voltage stability when compared to any lead acid options. 


PowerGenix Batteries   PowerGenix Batteries

       Drive-In chamber used for cold soak tests.




Toyota Prius Road Test


Nickle-Zinc goes head-to-head with Nickel-Metal Hydride

PGX Prius

In a PowerGenix road test, a Nickel-Zinc retrofitted Toyota Prius accumulated valuable data points over a 10,000-mile evaluation.  The batteries provide greater power in a battery pack two-thirds the size of the standard Nickel-Metal Hydride pack.



U.S. Army (NATO) 6T Battery

PowerGenix Batteries

 Nickel-Zinc tested as replacement for lead-acid

PowerGenix has developed a NiZn battery as a possible replacement for the “6T” – the U.S. Army/NATO standard lead-acid battery used in 95 percent of U.S. military vehicles. The NiZn batteries can deliver twice the energy in half the space as lead-acid batteries and more effectively support engine-off silent watch operations. As the U.S. military develops more sophisticated technologies for use in high risk, demanding environments, outfitting these vehicles with lighter and more powerful batteries such as NiZn can increase both performance and safety.